Futbol Fitness Statistics (high intensity efforts)

I’ve looked at total distance run and sprint statistics from several pro leagues around the world so now I’d like to look at high intensity efforts. High intensity efforts are classified as anything above 5.5 m/s. This corresponds to any running over 12.3 miles per hour or just a little under 5 minute mile pace. It includes the sprint efforts discussed in my previous post. Over the course of a game, field players in the MLS cover 1,097m at a high intensity effort. FAPL players cover slightly more (1,082m) with nPC players covering more than 12km over the course of a match at that pace (1,206m). Given what was covered in my first 2 posts in this series, that means these guys are covering roughly 10% of their total distance at 5 minute mile pace or faster.

Here are the other 2 installments in this series:
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