Arsenal Ladies in the Weightroom

Here’s a video featuring Kim Little, a member of the Arsenal Ladies. In the previous video?of the Arsenal Ladies posted, some key aspects of the workout were highlighted. ?This video gives us another view of their weight training program, with this session geared more toward power development in the front-end. Again, you can see the focus is on performing full body, high quality movements.

We’re big advocates of the Olympic lifts and the qualities that athletes can develop with them across the force-velocity curve. While Olympic lifts are great exercises, they may not always be the most appropriate way to enhance these qualities for a variety of reasons, but Kim Little performs them well.

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John Grace is a coach at Athletic Lab Sports Performance Training Center in Cary, NC - USA. John has his CSCS, USAW Level 1 certification, USATF Level 1 certification and has worked as an assistant fitness coach for the Vancouver Whitecaps of the MLS.