Missouri State Men’s Soccer Training Video

Here’s a video from Missouri State’s Men’s Soccer Team in the weight room. This site is mainly devoted to professional soccer, but I thought this collegiate training video had some aspects to discuss.

Here are some points in the video I took note of and thought I would share my thoughts on each (these are somewhat in order as they appear in the video):

1. Resisted Uphill Runs – Resisted and uphill runs by themselves are great exercises to improve strength qualities as well as work on acceleration mechanics (and as an advanced technique, resisted runs could be used in a scenario where the potentiation effect is desired). Although resisted and uphill runs combined may be slightly redundant, they are still getting the type training stimulus the coaches are aiming for.

2. Various Plate Exercises – There looks to be ?plate presses, plate raises, and overhead tricep extensions with a plate. These plate exercises are semi-isolation work. Not necessarily a bad thing (especially since I don’t know the previous or subsequent workouts or how it was used within the context of the session) but if you have limited time to weight train, isolation exercises should be on hold until you perform the multijoint power/strength movements.

3. Jump Shrugs – Jump shrugs is an excellent exercise to improve power and some strength qualities. If you have many athletes who are novice to the weight room, jump shrugs can be an effective option since they are quite easy to teach and perform. Other alternatives to jump shrugs that are also relatively easy to teach and perform are jump squats, alternated lunge jumps, dumbbell Snatch,?and many different plyometric activities. More advanced options, such as Clean pulls, Power Cleans from the hang or floor, and other Olympic Lifting derivatives, could be considered.

4. Various Dumbbell Exercises – I feel the exercises selected, without knowing the context, are satisfactory and can get the job done. Are the exercises done at a fairly low intensity? Probably so, in my opinion. The athletes don’t look like they are having a difficult time managing the weight they have in hand. If this were the case, the athletes may not be getting the appropriate training stress and thus, possibly reducing or nullifying the performance improvements the coaches were looking for.

Overall, this training video has many different facets to it. It has speed, power, strength, conditioning; all of which should play a part in soccer fitness. At different times in the training year, these components may come in different doses, but it is important to touch on all aspects on-field and in the weight room.



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John Grace is a coach at Athletic Lab Sports Performance Training Center in Cary, NC - USA. John has his CSCS, USAW Level 1 certification, USATF Level 1 certification and has worked as an assistant fitness coach for the Vancouver Whitecaps of the MLS.