Technology in Sports: Athlete Monitoring Slidedeck from John Grace

John Grace was my assistant coach during my 2nd year with the Vancouver Whitecaps and is one of my top coaches at Athletic Lab, my sport performance training center in Cary, NC. He has been a frequent contributor to this blog and is working on his MS in Coaching Science at Ohio University. Here’s his great slidedeck from a recent presentation on the use of technology in sports. The slidedeck is a great accompaniment to my recent slidedeck and video presentation on training for soccer and provides more insight on?my prior blogs (Part 1 / Part 2) on the player monitoring system that I developed?for the Whitecaps.

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Mike Young

Director of Performance at Athletic Lab
Mike is the Head Fitness Coach for the North Carolina Courage and North Carolina FC. He is also the owner and Director of Performance at Athletic Lab sports performance training center. He previously served as the fitness coach for the Vancouver Whitecaps and Carolina Railhawks. He has a PhD in Biomechanics, an MS in Coaching Science, and a BSS in Exercise Physiology and has coached Olympic and professional athletes in Skeleton, Track & Field, MLS and NASL Soccer, PGA Golf, NFL Football, MLB Baseball and Olympic Weightlifting. He has lectured around the world and authored 2 books and dozens of research and coaching articles.