Sprint exposure for speed enhancement AND injury reduction

Many well-intentioned coaches avoid true speed work (above 95+% intensity) in an attempt to not expose their athletes to activities that might lead to injury. Unfortunately, this philosophy is a double whammy bad idea. Not only does it ensure the athletes will never get faster but it also means they’re not prepared for the high speed runs that will inevitably occur in a game. This is a recipe for an injury disaster.? In this video from 2 days prior to our season opening game, I put the players through a speed focused warmup and some full out sprints and provide insight on my thoughts on how and why to incorporate proper speed training for soccer athletes.

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Mike Young

Director of Performance at Athletic Lab
Mike is the Head Fitness Coach for the North Carolina Courage and North Carolina FC. He is also the owner and Director of Performance at Athletic Lab sports performance training center. He previously served as the fitness coach for the Vancouver Whitecaps and Carolina Railhawks. He has a PhD in Biomechanics, an MS in Coaching Science, and a BSS in Exercise Physiology and has coached Olympic and professional athletes in Skeleton, Track & Field, MLS and NASL Soccer, PGA Golf, NFL Football, MLB Baseball and Olympic Weightlifting. He has lectured around the world and authored 2 books and dozens of research and coaching articles.